Motor Fleet

When your fleet is the key source of your bread and butter

Motor Fleet

If your company relies on a commercial vehicle fleet to operate your daily operations, you’ll be happy to know that we at Oasis Insurance are experts in providing value-based propositions.

We use the unique burning cost basis instead of the standard fixed-rate basis in order to offer you the best price possible.

This type of service allows you to control your expenses by lining up your exposure and work when it comes to risk management rather than negotiating the premium based on adverse, negative claims in the past.

Whether you have a taxi service, delivery service, car rental business, construction equipment or any other type of multivehicle situation, at Oasis Insurance, we understand that your fleet plays a very important role in your business.

We are also familiar with the UAE legal requirements when it comes to carrying motor fleet insurance.  We take all things into consideration and work with you on an individual basis in order to provide you the best policy for your motor fleet needs whether it’s a basic or an all-inclusive plan.

We’ll make sure both your budget and your fleet stay on track.

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