Liability Insurance

When someone else gets hurt, you don’t have to

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance is an insurance policy that offers protection to a business or to an individual that covers them from the risk that they might be held legally liable and accountable for in a legal lawsuit.  Such a suit might be for injury, negligence, malpractice or any other damage that a person or business might be at fault for or accused of being as such.

Liability Insurance has policies that cover legal payouts and legal costs that might be incurred during the legal procedures.  If you are in a personal or business situation to where you could be sued, it is a wise idea to check into Liability Insurance.  We can help.

We at Oasis Insurance offer full solutions to various liability needs you may have.  We have policies to protect your liabilities to your employees, the public, your professional negligence, products and completed operations.  Our team will help you access your risks of liability and find a personalized plan that is right for you so you are fully covered for anything that might come your way.

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