From a tech feast to a dangerous beast, all it needs is a few seconds


Drones? Yes, drones insurance.

Drones have taken to the sky like never before. They're unmanned and therefore can be very dangerous.

They aren't cheap to replace on one hand and accidents may happen damaging the third party property or injuring a human being.

So would you not want to secure drones that have become core of your business? It is like any other vehicle in your business which you secure, whereas drones' related accidents can get more dangerous than any other.

At Oasis Insurance, we have you covered when it comes to protecting your drone. We will help to find out if yours is covered by your home insurance policy or not. We will go over the things you need to be aware of when it comes to having, or not having, insurance on your drone.

Let us guide you in making sure your drone coverage soars.

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