The Future
Plan and Direction

Looking ahead, Oasis has the vision of being the top local broking house in the region.

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A Step At A Time

The company is always taking strides forward in order to better serve its customers.

We have an excellent infrastructure and business model that is five times what is currently needed.

The buying process is also simplified and business transactions are made flexible.

And it is all with the spirit of moving forward in mind.


There are a number of ways in which Oasis has accomplished its customer-driven services.

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A Cut Above The Rest

There are many other key areas where Oasis stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Expansion Plans

Oasis has sights set on starting operations in GCC in 2019 with the existing DNA of the company intact which will provide the mold for business models in other countries, expanding to five economies in the GCC.

Human Capital

Oasis believes in harnessing human capital. They are people oriented and it is made evident in such endeavors as their investment in technological advancements which benefits the customers.

The Culture

Corporate culture is vital to the industry and is an area where Oasis shines. They offer a friendly environment with an open door policy, fully believe in a humanitarian approach holding care and ethics above business numbers.

The Role of Underwriters

They fully understand the risks of different types of industries, thanks to their experience and expertise, which is the reason insurance companies trust their decision making expertise.

It's staff is empowered to take decisions and issue the best policies on the spot, based upon the assessment they provide.

This empowerment benefits the customer as well because it speeds the process up, allowing the policy to be issue and claims to be effective.

We Have 100%
Settlement Ratio

Thanks to our exclusive claims team that makes it easier for the customers without having to trouble them.