Projects Insurance

Keep your dreams alive; secure your upcoming projects.

Projects Insurance

Did you know that you can actually insure your projects?  You sure can.

A project is a vision its promoters intend to see to reality.  At Oasis Insurance, our team offers Project Insurance that provides end-to-end solutions when it comes to coverage.  The policy not only includes all risk solutions during the time the project is being constructed but also covers it during the construction phase.  

Project Insurance is imperative for architects, engineers, construction companies, general contractors, insurance brokers and many others who are involved in creating projects.  Insurance of such nature isn’t always easy to secure.  We make it simple though because we understand the insurance as well as your needs.

Our unique propositions include such things as delays in startups and other unforeseen problems that might arise during the process, start to finish.  We leave no stone unturned when we personalize a plan for you.  We even provide coverage for your project design team and can cover one project or the entire scope.  Whatever your needs are for your Project Insurance, we will do our best to accommodate them.

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