Marine Cargo

A small investment that protects you from a huge risk on water

Marine Cargo

Marine Cargo Insurance protects the transportation of goods in the commercial shipping industry.  It protects your goods and your client’s interest against such things as theft and freight damage in transit.  Considering the extensive moving the cargo undergoes to and from the port and the actual voyage, the need for adequate insurance is a must.

With the shipping business accounting for over 90% of the cargo in the world, it is constantly evolving and changing.  At Oasis Insurance, we understand the marine cargo business in depth.

We provide seamless coverage from the time your goods leave your supplier’s premises until the time they are delivered and even onward until they reach your buyer’s final destination - irrespective of your terms of trade.  Because the claims are handled locally, you are in control.

Marine Cargo insurance can be complex because the shipping industry itself can be complicated.  We are experts in such things as risk management and all other considerations that enable us to provide you the best policy possible for a customized plan that keeps you and your business afloat.



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